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10 Fashion Lessons Learned From Bad Paparazzi Shots

10 Fashion Lessons Learned From Bad Paparazzi Shots

Bathing-suit cover-up
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Bathing-suit cover-ups should, uh, cover something up. By definition, a bathing-suit cover-up is designed to cover up something you want to avoid showing off. This long, baggy, black sheer pull-on doesn't do that. In fact, it's drawing even more unflattering attention to this TV presenter's legs and backside. Look for bathing-suit cover-ups that do what they're designed to do -- function as de facto clothing. If you're into sheer fabrics, choose a color that matches your swimsuit for a more flattering effect.

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May 6, 2012 3:46AM
Ummm... why put a black bar over the eyes in the pics if you're going to mention their names in the blurb? Not exactly keeping their secret identities all that secret when you do it that way! Also, pizza is food not clothing so you may need to work on that metaphor.
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