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Updated: January 10, 2013 11:30 AM | By Portia Baladad
Best Dressed Stars at the People’s Choice Awards

Everyone’s favourite celebrities sparkled, sashayed and charmed their way up and down the red carpet

Best Post-Break Up Dress: Taylor Swift (© Photo by Keystone Press)
  • Best Post-Break Up Dress: Taylor Swift (© Photo by Keystone Press)
  • Neon Light: Chloë Moretz (© Photo by Keystone Press)
  • Top of the Class: Emma Watson (© Photo by Keystone Press)
  • Pretty in Pink: Lea Michele (© Photo by Keystone Press)
  • Best Comeback: Kristen Kreuk (© Photo by Keystone Press)
  • Stargazer: Julianne Hough (© Photo by Keystone Press)
  • Going for the Gold: Naomi Watts (© Photo by Keystone Press)
  • Everyone’s Imaginary BFF: Jennifer Lawrence (© Photo by Keystone Press)
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Best Post-Break Up Dress: Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift didn’t let her fresh Caribbean break-up with One Direction member Harry Styles ruin her night, though it does look like she used it to pick out the best post-relationship outfit, like, ever. Not only did she leave her red lipstick at home, she managed to walk past her arsenal of Disney princess-worthy dresses and right for the white hot Ralph Lauren gown with a jaw-dropping low neckline. Well played, Swift.

Bing: Taylor Swift and Harry Style reportedly break up

Jan 10, 2013 5:33PM
Where's Christina Aguilera on this list??? :(
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