By Jeni Marinucci

Lorde and Tavi Gevinson get real with acne cream selfies

Would you post one of these?

If you are on social media -- be it Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook -- you know the “selfie.” You’ve even likely posed for a selfie or two and if, like me you have a teenage daughter, you have a hard drive holding hundreds of versions of the dreaded duck face. I don’t hate the selfie in and of itself, and I think it can be a great tool for body acceptance. What I would like to see happen is for the fully made-up, nary-a-hair out of place, “Vaseline-smear” filtered selfies fall into a deep hole and die. Then we can replace them with the sort of selfie promoting a more natural look, like those posted recently by singer Lorde and Tavi Gevinson, the 17-year-old fashion writer and magazine publishing wunderkind.


Tavi Gevinson

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Lorde and Tavi took to their social media accounts and gave us portraits of celebrity we rarely see – the pimply side. Ahh, pimples. Good times, those zit days. NO THOSE DAYS WERE NOT GOOD AT ALL. I spent the bulk of my high school years hiding behind a wall of pancake makeup, slathered on so thick I couldn’t make any sudden movement lest I (literally) crack the facade. Everyone has had a blemish in their life, but some of us walked around with replicas of major constellations across our cheeks and on our foreheads. While my friends were skipping math class in favour of pizza pool parties, I stayed behind learning algorithms – not from any sense of academic responsibility but rather from the fear of being splashed with water. Thanks to acne, I spent my high school years living somewhat like a Gremlin.

Lorde and Gevinson are to be admired for many things, their creativity and individual talent not least among them. By showing the world their faces – their real faces, spots and all – they are helping further the crazy idea that no one is perfect. When I was a teenager we didn’t have Twitter or selfies. Lorde and Gevinson didn’t exist. What we did have was pimples and an alarming lack of compassion for those who suffered. I’d have given my entire zit-fighting arsenal – an enviable assortment of creams, potions, and medical elixirs - for even one of these girls to have existed back then, so when I saw Lorde and Tavi proudly wearing their acne medication for the whole world to see, I raised them a virtual fist-bump and shouted “Pimple Power!”

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May 28, 2014 12:44PM

Ewww! I use to think Lorde was beautiful, in actuality, I was attracted to make-up... And I'm pretty sure there's witchcraft involved there, cause' no make-up can turn THAT into what she looks like when you Google her.

But, it's not as drastic a change in appearance as Lady GaGa, she is one ugly hoe without make-up on!!

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