Updated: March 31, 2013 7:00 PM
Find Your Most Flattering Jeans Ever

A perfectly straight-cut pair can be exactly that, says style maven Rachel Roy. (And by change your life, she means flatter your body and instantly slash five pounds from your look.)

All in the jeans... (© Matthew Hranek)
  • All in the jeans... (© Matthew Hranek)
  • Rachel's fit tips: (© Matthew Hranek)
  • If you're petite... (© Jeff Harris)
  • If you have a tummy... (© Jeff Harris)
  • If you're plus-size... (© Jeff Harris)
  • Rachel's game plan for the fitting room: (© Jeff Harris)
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All in the jeans...

For a lot of women, shopping for jeans can be just as traumatic as shopping for a bathing suit--there are so many cuts, colours, and types of denim to choose from! I know I've had to learn through years of trial and error what I can and can't wear. But if there's one style every woman should own, it's a straight-legged pair that's the same width from hip to ankle. These lengthen legs, balance curves, disguise hips--they do everything.

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