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Updated: January 3, 2013 2:15 PM | By Naeme El-Zein
Jessica Chastain’s tousled curls

Return your flat iron and work some less than perfect, perfectly tousled curls like Jessica Chastain’s!

Jessica Chastain (© startraksphoto.com/Joseph Kerlakian)
  • Jessica Chastain (© startraksphoto.com/Joseph Kerlakian)
  • To get Jessica Chastain’s look
  • To get Jessica Chastain’s look
  • To get Jessica Chastain’s look
  • To get Jessica Chastain’s look
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Jessica Chastain is probably as famous for her flowing red hair as she is for her acting chops. She usually showcases her tress-cessories by wearing her mane down, favouring smooth Veronica Lake-style waves. But here, working a middle part and soft tousled curls, her look is infused with a refreshing youthfulness. Try Jessica’s relaxed not-so-perfect ringlets as an alternative to flat-ironed locks this season. Keep the first few inches near the root sleek for a modern feel.

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