Updated: September 17, 2012 12:03 PM
The 19 Best Hair Tips Ever

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The 19 Best Hair Tips Ever
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1. Sleep with a braid, wake up with really sexy texture.

2. Highlights are a slippery slope: More than a few and you are fully bleaching your hair; besides the damage, you may be making yourself blonde without realizing it. Keep highlights subtle and around the face, or on ends if you love a bit of ombré.

3. Purple tempers brassiness, so purple-tinted shampoos, conditioners and even styling products are brilliant for blonde hair. (And for highlighted brown hair.)

4. When all else fails, a ponytail pulls it all together. And looks very edited and on purpose.

5. Layers are great for thin hair, because they pump up volume. Weirdly, they also help tame curly hair that tends to dry into an unhelpful triangle shape by breaking up the shape. Emphasize your layers with highlights around the face.

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