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Updated: December 28, 2012 1:45 PM | By Madeline Cravit
Three easy ways to update a classic braid

From the forever stylish fishtail braid to a kickass Katniss-inspired plaited look, we've got three new braid techniques for you to weave through your tresses

Making the braid (© Keystone Press)
  • Making the braid (© Keystone Press)
  • The fishtail braid (© Keystone Press)
  • The Katniss braid (© Keystone Press)
  • The milkmaid braid (© Keystone Press)
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Making the braid
"Just like a classic pair of blue jeans, braids will always be in style,” says hair stylist Brennen Demelo, owner of Brennen Demelo Studio in Toronto. They are a great way to look polished in the summer, while keeping your hair off your neck.

Bonus: if you choose to wear a braid, your hair will set into a wavy kink. “This leaves your second-day hair with that popular beachy texture — without any of the work!”

Here are some simple ways to switch up the classic three-strand braid.

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