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Updated: December 27, 2012 7:00 AM | By Adriana Ermter
Seven best nailpolish colours to always have on hand

From barely-there nudes to super-dark varnishes, these are the colours to keep stocked.

Seven best nailpolish colours to always have on hand
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You know how you slip out of your chic Tory Burch work-flats and into a set of saucy three-inch Jimmy Choos for dinner with your man? Or how you pull your hair back into a demure chignon for your best friend’s wedding, then swap it out for a swishy ponytail for everyday errands? Well, it’s the same mentality women are applying to their nail lacquer: polished nails make the outfit. “Nails are the hottest accessory available to women today,” affirms Melissa Forrest, the beauty expert for Sally Hansen Canada. “It’s also the quickest way to achieve a look-good-feel-good feeling with limited time and money.” And who doesn’t like having a little accessible luxury at their fingertips? Here are the seven must-have nail-lacquer shades to keep on hand. Date night (and everything in between) has never looked so good.

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