Making a Diagnosis and Figuring Out Treatment is Like Peeling an Onion(Getty Images)

Infertility is about having your world turned upside down - and is almost always a sucky, stressful situation. (Researchers have found that infertility can lead to similar stress levels to those found in people fighting life- threatening diseases.) But take heart: it's also a well-documented problem with many solutions - and one of them may work for you. Here's what you need to know about navigating the murky waters of reaching parenthood with assistance.

Just as tears are usually involved when you're working with an onion, there are usually tears involved in the frustrating process of figuring out why you're having trouble conceiving. The World Health Organization classifies infertility as a disease (just what you wanted to hear, right?), but there are actually dozens of reasons that lead to the big "I" - which come after one year of well-timed trying (six months if you're over 35) or after multiple losses without a live birth. Getting to the heart of the trouble is half the battle (and a huge relief).

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