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Updated: November 1, 2012 8:46 AM | By Jenna McCarthy
10 Things That Bug Your Child-Free Friends

Are you guilty of these new-mom faux pas?

Oversharing (© Thinkstock / The Bump)
  • Oversharing (© Thinkstock / The Bump)
  • Abusing basic kindness (© Thinkstock / The Bump)
  • Putting your baby on the phone (© Shutterstock / The Bump)
  • Making disgusting requests (© Thinkstock / The Bump)
  • Complaining constantly (© Thinkstock / The Bump)
  • Pretending to pay attention (© Shutterstock / The Bump)
  • Turning Facebook into Babybook (© Thinkstock / The Bump)
  • Acting superior (© Thinkstock / The Bump)
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You survived the marathon of pregnancy and delivery, and you're proud of it. Still, lots of people who haven't pushed another human being out of their most intimate of orifices would prefer never to hear terms like "mucus plug," "episiotomy" or "placenta" in casual conversation, says my friend Tawna. Save the clinical talk for your mommy group and stick to less-graphic terms when your freewheeling friends do ask about the birth.

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