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Updated: December 19, 2012 12:15 PM | By Fiona Gibson
11 Signs Your Child May Not Be Progressing At School

It's not always easy to figure out if - and why - your child is struggling at school. Here's how to spot the signs, and steps you can take to offer support.

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What's Going On?

While most kids moan about school sometimes, perhaps it's become a constant battle to cajole your child out of the door. She may have started feigning illness - or, if she does go, come home grumpy, miserable or picking a fight. It's important to work out if this is a new situation she's finding hard to cope with, or if school has been worrying her for some time. If you suspect something is happening to make your child react in this way - rather than it being a case of just 'not liking' school - take time to unearth possible causes.

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