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7 Teacher Secrets We Can All Use

Brilliant people skills keep this (anonymous) middle-school teacher sane and happy in one of the world's toughest jobs. Listen and learn

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  • IF ALL ELSE FAILS, PLAY DINOSAUR: (© Ariel Skelley/Getty Images)
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Sep 18, 2012 8:04PM
I so agree with everything here. I taught school for 40 years and just recently retired. I began in middle school and loved it. You are doing everything right and I commend you. This is a difficult job but the rewards are tremendous.
Sep 18, 2012 10:04PM

Keys to not only survival but enhancing enjoyment in the interactive teaching process:

1. Be very well organized to start the day .... organization will allow one to handle disruptions and necessary changes that will arise.

2. Make a habit of taking a few minutes at the end of the class day to organize materials on your desk for tomorrow .... in spite of often just wishing to escape, this routine will help keep one sane the next day when you would have forgotten where you placed an important do****ent.

3. Work to separate the role of the teacher from you as an individual ...... tell yourself that an angry parent is angry at what "the teacher" did (or did not do) and not the personal you ...... it takes a while but it can be done!

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