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Updated: November 14, 2012 4:20 PM | By FIONA GIBSON
How to Discipline Children: What Works, What Doesn't

Children need to understand right from wrong, but how best to get the message across? Clue: not by nagging or shouting...

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So your toddler thinks it's 'fun' to tip out the contents of your handbag, unravel the roll of toilet paper or drop your favourite mug onto the kitchen floor? With very young children, there's no point in 'disciplining' as such - he is unlikely to make the connection between the deed and punishment (e.g. having a favourite toy confiscated).

In fact, he may even feel 'rewarded' by the attention that's being heaped upon him. Instead, a short, sharp 'No' conveys the message that you're not at all pleased. Deal with the situation as quickly as you can, then distract your child with something else.

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