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Ready to Laugh? The Crazy Stuff Our Kids Say. Got One to Add?

Old Friends

Old Friends
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Jun 3, 2012 9:11AM
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My daughter and son in law  are in the process of potty training my granddaughter who is 2 ½ years old’

This girl just loves smarties  so the deal is if she uses the potty she gets rewarded with smarties

She was having a sleep over with us  so we went and picked her up and as soon as we got home I asked her   Do you need to go potty

Too funny as she just looked at me straight in the eye and said   “ Do you have smarties?

I told her yes I do  and to the potty she went


Jun 3, 2012 2:47PM

When my daughter was about 3, my hubby & I were starting on the "stranger danger" training.  I happened to be in WalMart with her after a lesson, when a nice WalMart employee bent down to ask Kimmie if she was having fun with Mommy.  Kimmie turned her back on her.  I was rather embarrassed, but the lady reassured me that it was fine.  She tried again, and again Kimmie turned her back on her.  When the lady asked why she wouldn't speak to her, Kimmie replied, "I can't talk to you.  My Mom says you're strange!"

Jun 2, 2012 11:17PM
While I am not a parent, I work with young children in an early learning setting. One day during snack time, a 4 year old boy was not enthralled with the snack his mother sent him - cheese favored crackers in the shape of rabbits, called "Cheddar Bunnies". He turned to me, and with a very serious look on his face, said, "Teacher, can I pack up and go play? Cheddar Bunnies are yucky. They taste like REAL BUNNIES." 
Jun 3, 2012 4:28PM

My friendsvery young daughter once came into the living room with a pot on her head and said:   Look mommy I'm a Pot Head.


One hot summer day I decided to take my 2 year old to the local, public swimming pool, we were getting undressed to get our swim suits on, a bunch of older ladies were getting changed from their 'fitness class' just just finished in the pool,........I saw my 2 year old scanning around the room so I quietly told him,...."its not nice to look at other people when they are changing" to which he very loudly replied,......."Look Mommy!!   dat  yady has free tummys!".  (meaning,...that lady has 3 tummys)

After I received a very dirty look from "dat yady",......I quickly picked my child up and headed for the pool area  feeling VERY embarrassed to say the least!  LOL

Jun 3, 2012 3:39PM
I had a friend whose daughter said the funniest and sometimes most embarrassing things. One day, we were walking down our neighbourhood when we stopped by this house where an old man was sitting on the porch. She went up to him and asked: "Can I touch you?" XD
Jun 3, 2012 11:05PM
My 3 year  daughter received a fairy wand with some wings the other day.  She was out on the back porch with her dad and starting waving the wand at him.  Abbracadabra, hey presto!  She looked at her dad and back at the wand and then threw in on the ground stating "I don't know what is wrong with this thing!  You aren't a frog!"
Jun 2, 2012 11:54PM

Our oldest is a boy, then we have 5 girls. Our house is non-stop singing and talking. My daughter, who was 6 at the time, was talking as usual, when she all of a sudden paused and said. " I have thinkings in my head when I am not talking." Yeah...go with that!!


Another daughter was trying to be diplomatic about the food on her plate that she didn't like: "Everyone has different taste bugs, you know!"


Another time, the same daughter states, " I don't like butter nut squash, it tastes like the stuff in my ears!".

Jun 3, 2012 12:46PM
My eldest child once asked me what we would do if the town got set on fire (firebans and such were still on and she had overheard a discussion about wildfires). Trying to reassure her, I told the child that we would get out of town before any harm could come to us.... thinking about this for a few seconds, my daughter then said "No mom. If the town gets on fire then giants will come and roast marhmallows over our house!"
Jun 3, 2012 2:45PM
Our little 3 year old was taking a long time in the washroom and her sisters needed to go to the washroom. One parent knocked on the door and asked "Are you finished?" to which came the response "No. I didn't hear the plop"
Jun 3, 2012 8:45PM

One Sunday evening my 5 year old son and I were on our way home after a pleasant dinner with his God parents when he started telling me about what he had learned that day at Sunday school. Mommy he said, Jesus died you know. I said yes I know sweetie. He said, yes but he died and then he came back to life. Again I said yes your right. Then he told me that Jesus died, then he came back to life... and when he comes back to life he brings us Easter eggs!

Jun 3, 2012 6:58PM
When my son was 3 yrs old, i took him to a circus.. when the circus was over,  we were walking away,, but could see them disembling the big top, and washing down the elephants, and my son said, as he pointed it out to me and everyone else within ear shot,,,"Look mommy, that elephant has two trunks!" 
Jun 3, 2012 4:33PM
My oldest son cried a bit too much when Michael Jackson passed.  When I asked him why he was so upset he replied:  We won't be able to listen to his music anymore.
Aug 10, 2012 5:21PM
My 4 yr old son was eating breakfast and I dropped a box of cereal, for some reason I said "for F*** Sakes" and immediatly regretted it.  My son looked up at me and said "daddy, why do people swear".  I thought for a second, and figured that honesty was the best policy.  I said "well Tyler, there are bad words like F*** and S***, and nice words like please, thank you and I love you.  Daddy said a bad word and I'll try not to do it again".  My son looked at me for about 10 seconds during which I didn't breath and he said "OK" and went back to eating.  Needless to say, I haven't sworn in front of him since and in the 3 years that since that happened, neither has he.
Aug 10, 2012 2:25PM
My little sister was about 5 years old and her bedroom was right next to my mom's and her boyfriend's room. One morning, we were all in the car, heading out, when she asked out of nowhere, "Mommy, why do grown ups exercise at night?" My mom's face went so red.
Jul 5, 2012 10:55PM
We were out for a long walk on a warm day with 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter and 3 month old grandson. Bella got tired walking and asked Poppa to carry her. I said I was tired too and could Poppa carry me also. Bella answered "NO' so I asked her why...she replied " Cause your too old, Nana. " Poppa laughed for 3 blocks....LOL.
Sep 23, 2012 3:04PM

My Dad was driving my family through Winnipeg and we drove past a Tim Horton's (a coffee and doughnut shop for those who don't know) and my brother said "I know why Tim Horton's is never robbed" everyone else said "why?" "Because the police are always there" We all laught hard because it's true there's always police or amblance people there. He was so upset that we were laughing at him. we had to explain we were laughing because it's so true.

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