By: Indigo Books and Music
Age: 3+
These decidedly low-tech toys look vintage, but they're actually brand-new (with non-toxic coatings), designed by award-winning Canadian artist Gary Taxali. If you've ever wished your kids' toys just looked better, you'll want to find this colourful collection, which ranges in price from $5 to $13, under the tree as well! Whirly! Watch the acrobat spin his way down slanting parallel bars, $13. Peck Peck: The spring-mounted woodpecker taps a tree trunk with a little help from you, $8. Jacob's Ladder: Even tech-savvy kids will be amazed how the blocks "magically" flop left and right, $5 Chalk-Draw! This kid-sized chalkboard is simple, portable fun (just add your own chalk), $8. Toy Monkey! Squeeze the two vertical bars to help the monkey spin like a gymnast, $8 Ladder Fun! Looking puzzled on one side, smiling on the other, a friendly-faced wooden square flip-flops down the rungs of this ladder, $13

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