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Updated: April 18, 2012 11:06 AM | By ERIKA RASMUSSON JANES and SALLY FARHAT KASSAB
Stuck In the Middle: 16 Ways to Pick the Perfect Middle Name for Your Baby

Find the perfect combo with our guide to choosing great baby middle names

Here's how to find the right middle name
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Let's face it: Finding one great name for your baby can be a huge challenge. (It's got to be unique! But not too weird! And classic! But not fuddy-duddy!) Finding two? Forget it. But the humble middle name, so often relegated to the mere initial status, is taking on a more high profile role these days, and it deserves your attention.

"Middle names really complete the name package," says Amanda Elizabeth Barden, author of Baby Names MadeEasy. "Full names appear on important documents like graduation certificates, and when people enter their professional lives, they often start using a middle name or initial." (Not that Barden uses hers!) A middle name will also help your child distinguish himself from someone else with the same name (and unless you're naming your kid something like Pilot Inspektor, it can happen, especially in the Internet age), and allow you to buy adorable monogrammed baby gear. You'll even prevent your kid from a lifetime of hearing the, "You don't have a middle name?!" question, Barden says.

So while you can relax a little - there are no rules when it comes to picking a middle name - follow these tips to find the perfect middle moniker for your babe.

Mar 29, 2013 1:19PM
I would not recommend skipping the middle name.  My cousin didn't have one and she was hounded relentlessly be people who thought she was lying because it was silly or weird.  When she finally got her driver's license she'd just bust it out to silence the nay-sayers.  She's not the only one I know who had this problem either, though some I know would lie and make up a middle name to placate people.  It's amazing how unwilling folks can be to let something like that go.  

Apr 26, 2012 10:16PM
I don't care for my middle name (Lynn),but I don't use it so it doesn't matter. My kids middles names are Courtney,Colton and June Leighton. Years ago I would have never have given my child a middles name that is a name of the month.
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