You need:
• cardboard box (choose the size appropriate for your child)
• cling wrap
• old mismatched socks
• white paint (or latex primer)
• black permanent marker
• scissors
• empty container of laundry detergent
• twist ties
• packing tape

Cut the bottom out of an empty cardboard box, as well as a hole for your child’s head and two holes for their arms. This costume is worn like a shirt so try not to pick a box that is too big. To make the front-loading door of the washer, draw 2 concentric circles on the front of your box with a 2” gap between them. Cut out the entire inner circle; this will be the window into the washing machine. For the outside circle, only cut out 3/4, leaving one side of the circle still attached to form the swinging door. Paint the whole box white; a latex primer works best for blocking out any printing on your box. When the paint is totally dry, tape some cling wrap to the back of the door to act as the window and tape a sock or two to the back of the cling wrap. Using a permanent marker, draw the buttons and knobs on your washing machine. The finishing touch is attaching an empty detergent container to the top of your machine. The container can either be twist tied through some holes in its bottom and in the box or just taped to the top depending on the container you choose. Put some black pants and a shirt on your little one, and send them out to clean up on Halloween.

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