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Updated: September 3, 2013 9:30 AM | By Jane Clapp

Do your thighs chafe and burn? Four tips to defeat the chub rub

If your thighs touch when you stand, causing uncomfortable chafing, fear not! Here are four tips to help defeat the chub rub.

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It is yet to be determined as to whether or not Mother Nature intended for our upper inner thighs to rub against each other when we walk, run or do anything requiring forward motion. Regardless, 'chub rub' can be annoying, especially when it becomes a painful experience for long distance athletes.

Losing weight is probably one of the only things that gives women a fighting chance of eliminating chub rub altogether while some of us are shaped in such a way that our upper thighs will always rub together.

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Here are some tips to help you shrink it or even just deal better if it's rubbing you the wrong way:

Lube up: Long distance runners or cyclists can attest to the fact that the chafing from constant chub rub can be a very unpleasant experience especially when you jump in the shower and feel the sting. While some people swear by baby powder for chafing prevention, others swear by lubricant. Yes, the sexual kind. Totally makes sense! Every gal should have some. Once you've experience the pain, you'd understand why this doesn't sound like such a crazy idea.

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Join Thigh Society: Thigh Society are chic, sleek, lightweight shorts to wear under your skirts, dresses and pants for all-day comfort. Marnie Consky, creator of Thigh Society shorts, was recently featured in the Toronto Star for both her excellent product and for making chub rub a topic people can openly talk about in social media networks.

Shrink it: There is no such thing as spot reduction. I will say it again. There is no such thing as spot reduction. The only way to shrink any part of our body is to engage in a fat loss program that changes overall body composition. If you really want to lose body fat, please don't go on a whacky diet or cleanse.

That being said, I do fully understand the positive psychological benefits of working parts of our bodies we think are too soft. It's twisted but it's nice to feel our 'trouble' spots sore the next day. Plus, feeling muscle under the jiggles can give us the positive feedback we need to keep at it.

My favourite inner thigh exercise is dedicated to Daryl Hannah's character, "Pris", from Bladerunner where she kills a man using her legs, a classic film moment.

The Bladerunner: Sit up tall like a puppet with a stability ball between your legs and balance on your toes. Your knees should point down towards the ground. On an exhale, squeeze the ball between your legs like you're trying to pop it and do a kegel (AKA Suffocating a Leprechaun). To make this a great core exercise as well, feel like you're tightening a corset around your waist on the exhale.

Release only a couple inches on the inhale and repeat for 10 sets of 10 with 10 second breaks between sets. Ouch!

Just remember, we've all got parts of our bodies we have to learn to love! A positive relationship with our body is all about engaging in behaviours that are healthy for our mind, body and soul!

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