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Children across the globe are carefully scribing their naughty-or-nice confessions to Santa with hopes that they’ve been nice enough to get that Tonka truck they saw on TV, or the hottest new designer Barbie doll. Some moms snuck a peak inside the North-Pole-addressed envelope (who wouldn’t?), and this is what they learned....

My 8-year-old daughter told Santa she wants Justin Bieber to go away. I can’t decide if this is naughty or nice. I’m leaning towards nice. - Lauren

“I didn’t like my dinner,” my youngest wrote to Santa, “so I gave it to the dog and she threw up. Please don’t tell Mommy.” – Faye

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“Dear Santa,” my daughter wrote, “I love my mommy and daddy and you and puppies. I make my bed and clean my room. I eat my broccoli. I would be a good puppy mommy.” – Dorothy

My 8-year-old said she throws away her school lunches because “Mommy’s cooking is yucky.” She also asked for a cookbook this year. On the one hand, ouch! On the other, hey I can use all of the help I can get! - Kirsten

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“I told a boy he was mean to my friend. Now the boy is mean to me but I don’t care because it’s good to be nice before Christmas.” – Sarah

“Dear Santa, sometimes I pee in the bathtub when my sister’s in the tub with me. And at swimming. But everything else is nice.” – Jessica

“Dear Santa, I love you more than my mommy and daddy.” – Mandy

“I’m nice, but my big sister is naughty.” – Rebecca

My 7.5-year-old son confessed that he threw his brother’s socks in the garbage. Huh? – Jennifer

My 6-year-old son confessed he hated his new baby brother. Not because he’s getting less attention, but because he gives him funny looks. - Jennifer

One very smart little girl won’t be writing any confessions at all this year....

"You were wrong, Mommy," my daughter said after last year’s Christmas was over and she got what she asked for. "I guess Santa wasn't watching me after all!" – Tracy
Looks like her Mama’s in trouble!

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