Centred Doorknobs & Foundry As Art // Centred Doorknobs & Foundry As Art (Martyn Thompson (front door); Kim Jeffery (foundry).)

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Centred Doorknobs & Foundry As Art

Look back to vintage objects for decorative impact. The eye-catching European look of placing handles in the centre of the door is picking up steam in North America now. While some are functional, with a mechanism running the width of the door, others are purely decorative, adding symmetrical polish to any front entrance. Or create personalized art with an arrangement of vintage finds. Industrial parts and moulds, like these formerly functional discards from a metal smelter, are all the rage when amassed and hung as sculptural art. Foundry pieces, Smash; chairs, hide, throw, Elte; stool, Hollace Cluny; wall colour, Plummett (272), Farrow & Ball.

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