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Updated: December 21, 2012 9:45 AM
Best Cooking Tools of 2012

From advances in food safety to bartending gear, these new tools impressed GHRI's Kitchen Appliances Lab this year.

Eggs-tra Good Waffles (© Courtesy of Nordicware)
  • Eggs-tra Good Waffles (© Courtesy of Nordicware)
  • In the Bag (© Courtesy of Packit)
  • Baking Easy (© Courtesy of Kuhn Rikon)
  • Say Cheese (© Courtesy of Revol)
  • Grill Friend (© Courtesy of Sur La Table)
  • Chilling News (© Courtesy of Takeya)
  • Measure Up (© Courtesy of Oxo)
  • Jammin' Good Jellymaker (© Courtesy of Ball)
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Eggs-tra Good Waffles

If you're already passionate about waffles, you'll really flip for the Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan ($50, A stovetop unit with two interlocking sides, it takes its name from its shape, which resembles a field of little golden eggs, each of which can be snapped off of the waffle and enjoyed individually. Inside each little egg's crisp exterior is a warm, chewy bite of waffle.

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