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Updated: March 21, 2013 2:15 PM | By Briony Smith
Colour-blocking trend: From lampshades to wall accents, ideas on ways to do it in your home

Colour blocking - the art of layering together bold, single-shade items -isn't just for clothes anymore. Here's how to use this trend to brighten up your decor.

Start with white (© Designers Guild)
  • Start with white (© Designers Guild)
  • Give an item personality (©
  • Don't forget to look up (and down) (© Designers Guild)
  • Make an accent wall (© Whonidee)
  • Do it with accessories (© ABC Home)
  • For a more subtle look (© West Elm)
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Start with white

This sixties-inspired look will make your room shine with colour. Paint your walls white, and then decorate the room with furniture and objets from the same colour family--all blues and sea-greens, for instance, or all orange and hot pink.

Get the look: Gran Paridiso fabrics,

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