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Updated: February 8, 2012 2:32 PM
H&H Editors' Favourite Daring Paint Colours

Take a chance on these:

Take a chance on these: (© Christopher Baker (kitchen))
  • Take a chance on these: (© Christopher Baker (kitchen))
  • Deep Ocean (© Christopher Baker (kitchen))
  • Railings (© Paul Raeside (dining room))
  • Rapture (© Stacey Brandford (entryway))
  • Wales Green (© Copyright (c) House & Home Media 2011, All Rights Reserved.)
  • Drawing Room Blue (© Margot Austin (living room))
  • Fiji (© Lucas Allen (bathroom))
  • Ming Red (© Copyright (c) House & Home Media 2011, All Rights Reserved.)
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Brighten up this dreary winter with a few coats of paint. If your rooms are looking a bit lacklustre, consider painting an accent wall, small bathroom or entryway in one of these bold paint colours. Here, Cameron MacNeil, Margot Austin and others reveal their top paint picks and which rooms they suit best. From an almost-black foyer to a cheerful red door and a dark blue den, draw inspiration from these colourful rooms and paint outside your comfort zone!

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Feb 9, 2012 10:26PM

Daring?  Seriously?  It's paint ffs!  Paint the room the color you love and be happy.  I also don't understand all the media hype about people being "afraid of color".  What's it going to do, bite?    Find the color that makes you happy and just do it!

And yes, I walk the walk.  My living room is deep golden olive, formerly rich purple, and German chocolate before that.  My bedoom is bright sky blue, formerly dark teal.  My son's bedroom is screaming crimson.  The guest room is chartreuse with black accents.

I hope you decorate your home to please yourself and your family.  Your friends visit to see you, not your paint.

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