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5 Everyday Things That Fix Your Skin

Learn some easy, natural solutions to shrinking zits, softening your skin and removing makeup, all using everyday household items.

5 Everyday Things That Fix Your Skin (© Thinkstock)
  • 5 Everyday Things That Fix Your Skin (© Thinkstock)
  • 1. Toothpaste (© Thinkstock)
  • 2. Fish (© Thinkstock)
  • 3. Ice (© Thinkstock)
  • 4. Eggs (© Thinkstock)
  • 5. Shortening (© Thinkstock)
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Most people will encounter skin problems or acne at some point in their lives. Fortunately, you don't always need expensive products to treat your skin's imperfections. We've rounded up the best household items and foods for your skin, so take a look and see which ones work with your beauty routine.

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