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5 More Things To Do with Mustard

Put mustard to work to help ease your headaches, stuffy nose and other common ailments.

5 More Things To Do with Mustard (© Thinkstock)
  • 5 More Things To Do with Mustard (© Thinkstock)
  • 1. Unstuff Your Nose (© Thinkstock)
  • 2. Stomp Out Athlete's Foot (© Thinkstock)
  • 3. Beat Back Pain (© Thinkstock)
  • 4. Solve Common Aches and Pains
  • 5. Stimulate Your Appetite (© Thinkstock)
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Scientists have known for a long time that mustard's pungent heat thins mucus and makes it easier to breathe when you have a cold or flu, but this versatile kitchen condiment has turned out to be more than just a feelgood remedy. Here are five handy ways to make mustard work for you:

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