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5 Things To Do with Candy Canes

Get in the Christmas spirit by making candy cane vodka, ice cream and centrepieces

5 Things To Do with Candy Canes (© Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)
  • 5 Things To Do with Candy Canes (© Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)
  • 1. Make Candy Cane Vodka (© Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)
  • 2. Make Smores (© Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)
  • 3. Make a Stir Stick (© Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)
  • 4. Garnish Treats (© Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)
  • 5. Make a Holiday Centrepiece (© Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)
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Got tons of candy canes and you're not sure what to do with them? You could eat them all, but if you're the type who would rather get creative, try these fun, delicious and crafty uses instead.

Dec 31, 2012 6:53PM
Also, for slide 6, they are pine CONES not pine COMBS...sorry...
Dec 23, 2012 12:04AM

You can also make Candy Cane Bark...similar to Almond bark just candy canes instead.  All you need is 6 regular sized candy canes and 2 cups of White Chocolate chips.  First, you'll need to crush the candy canes into bits and pieces (pieces about the size of an almond are fine).  Take care that the pieces don't fly everywhere and you don't want them to get wet, so make sure the counter or surface you're working on is dry.  Then melt two cups of WHITE chocolate in the microwave, stopping every 30 - 40 seconds to stir. When the white chocolate is melted, add the candy cane pieces to it, stir and then pour the mixture onto a cookie sheet, spreading it evenly ( about  1/4 in. thick).  Once the mixture is cooled, it may be cut it into pieces  (to your liking) then refrigerated until firm. Enjoy!!   Tip: This is a great activity to do with children and you can even bag the candy cane bark in fancy plastic sandwich bags, tie wiith ribbon and now you have stocking stuffers and gifts for your children's friends/classmates.

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