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5 Things To Do with Lavender

Relieve headaches, settle upset stomachs and treat general aches and pain with five handy (and healthy) uses for lavender.

5 Things To Do with Lavender (© Thinkstock)
  • 5 Things To Do with Lavender (© Thinkstock)
  • 1. Ease Headaches (© Thinkstock)
  • 2. Tame Your Tummy (© Thinkstock)
  • 3. Fight Infection (© Thinkstock)
  • 4. Relieve Aches and Pains (© Thinkstock)
  • 5. Soothe Swimmer's Ear (© Thinkstock)
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A perennial shrub with spikes of purple or light blue flowers, lavender has a long history of healing. The dried flowers can be sewn into a pouch and tucked under your pillow to restore restful sleep. Lavender is also the herb to look to when you're feeling anxious or tense. Here are five more handy uses for lavender that can make a difference in your life:

Jan 26, 2013 2:09PM
except for making "tea" you don't explain HOW to get out the oil for treating aches and pains including headaches.
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