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Updated: May 11, 2012 9:45 AM
Small Backyard Transformation

Make the most of your outdoor space

Family-Friendly Yard (© Michael Graydon)
  • Family-Friendly Yard (© Michael Graydon)
  • Family-Friendly Yard (© Michael Graydon)
  • Before: Cramped Backyard (© Copyright (c) House & Home Media 2011, All Rights Reserved.)
  • After: Smart Entertaining Zone (© Michael Graydon)
  • Practical Bench Storage (© Michael Graydon)
  • Built-In Backyard Bar (© Michael Graydon)
  • Before: Unused Basement Stairs (© Copyright (c) House & Home Media 2011, All Rights Reserved.)
  • After: Patio Reading Area (© Michael Graydon)
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Houseandhome.com's online director, Lisa Murphy, wanted a functional backyard to complement her family home in downtown Toronto. Originally, the 442-square-foot space "featured" concrete stairs, a desolate strip of turf and a gap-toothed fence. With a smart plan by architect Gillian Green, who specializes in modern interiors, they transformed the yard from humble to inviting, gaining accessibility, style and privacy. See how they introduced different textures like dark-stained wood, concrete, steel, lush turf and organic grasses to create a cosy escape from the city.

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May 17, 2012 8:29AM
Not sure where the eight foot fence is BUT that is not allowed in downtown Toronto.
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