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Updated: April 19, 2012 10:22 AM
Small Backyards

Family-Friendly Backyard Design

Family-Friendly Backyard Design (© Stacey Brandford)
  • Get ideas to create your own outdoor oasis (© Virginia Macdonald)
  • Glamorous Backyard Design (© Virginia Macdonald)
  • Handsomely Appointed Patio (© Donna Griffith)
  • Fun-Filled Backyard (© Stacey Brandford)
  • Family-Friendly Backyard Design (© Stacey Brandford)
  • Welcoming Outdoor Oasis (© Donna Griffith)
  • Bare Minimum Back Deck (© Donna Griffith)
  • Cosy Stone Patio (© Stacey Brandford)
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The cedar backdrop in architect Tong's yard is used for plays and as a screen for projecting movies. Use patches of sod and concrete pavers for low-maintenance and cost-effective landscaping. Create room to play by keeping furniture minimal on a backyard deck.

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Apr 30, 2012 9:45AM
Some good ideas here.  We live in a townhouse condo and have a tiny perfect 18'x18' backyard.  We built a 12'x18' deck  with a 12'x12' gazebo. Made a small flagstone patio to the gate and have raised gardens on both sides.  It is our little haven in the big city. Nothing is attached to the common element and the deck is on top of the patio stones that came with the house. It all breaks down and can be removed if need be.
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