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September 3, 2013 10:30 AM | By Jill Percia, Women’s Health
Stay calm and groom on

You can reap tension-relieving rewards by tweaking something you already do every day. "By making your beauty routine multisensory, you'll mitigate stress and get the most out of your treatments," says Gabrielle Bernstein, a spiritual coach and author of the New York Times best seller May Cause Miracles. Take these beauty-boosting paths to inner peace

1. Master the massage (© iStockphoto)
  • 1. Master the massage (© iStockphoto)
  • 2. Play deejay (© iStockphoto)
  • 3. Set the mood (© iStockphoto)
  • 1. Brush up (© iStockphoto)
  • 2. Slough with love (© iStockphoto)
  • 1. Zen your shades (© iStockphoto)
  • 2. Create a vision board (© iStockphoto)
  • 3. Spell it out (© iStockphoto)
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Studies have shown warm-water tub sessions can lessen cortisol levels. Plus, Yale University research revealed that they may even cure loneliness. Add some Epsom salts for achy muscles and these relaxing tactics.

1. Master the massage

Shel Pink, founder of SlowBeauty.com and the eco-friendly SpaRitual nail-polish line, is a bath and Abhyanga massage junkie. (German researchers found that this ancient technique reduces stress levels and may lower blood pressure.) Work half a cup of warm sesame or almond oil from your feet up to your scalp using long, strong strokes and kneading tight spots. Short on time? Your feet are a great place to relieve overall stress.

Secret Benefits of a Massage


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