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April 24, 2012 7:54 AM | By Cassie Shortsleeve
10 Hidden Relationship Disasters To Avoid

10 ways to avoid small issues that can quickly turn smooth sailing into a sunken nightmare

10 ways to avoid small issues that can quickly turn smooth sailing into a sunken nightmare (© iStock)
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We women enjoy talking - and after a lifetime of dating, you should have the flattened cilia in your ears to prove it. But blithe banter over martinis and cashews doesn't last forever.

The good news: You don't have to get pulled into drawn-out discourse or end up arguing or revisiting the same exchange you thought you'd sorted out last week. Here are 10 ways to avoid small issues that can quickly turn smooth sailing into a sunken nightmare.

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Apr 25, 2012 10:47AM

Did anyone check to see where this was coming from? Men's Health.... it says it at the top.  The audience is for the men.  Do you guys ever look through women's magazines and see what they tell us to do to get a guy, keep a guy what ever?  Trust me the women's magazines are usually filled with stuff like that.


as far as this article goes you could reverse the roles in this.

Apr 25, 2012 12:36PM
In other news, apparently the sky is blue and grass is green...
Apr 25, 2012 9:10PM

if you all look at the top of the page, it says that it is an article from mens health. it is telling men how to keep their women happy. it isn't saying that men do everything wrong. If this were out of a womans forum or another website geared towards women, then i am sure it would say what women can do to make their men happy. so for all you people out there that are complaining... please just read befor you type. your making your selves seem like fools.



and fyi, these are key things to keep any relationship happy(not just for ken and barbie). you can't have it one sided, you will build a resentment towards your spouse if you do everything and they do nothing. It isn't the 1920's anymore. men and women are equal now

Apr 25, 2012 3:42PM

WOW!! This is terrible, especially since the first slide talks about 'Mutual Respect' yet EVERY other slide says how the guy has to do all this for the girl.  This article is a joke and Im sad that I wasted time reading it and even more sad that I wasted time commenting.

And to the women reading this; when you tell your man to be friends with your frineds and to let you talk to you mother, just remember this the next time your guy wants to hang out with his friends; why aren't you friends with his friends? And when he watches sports and you dont like it, go call your mother!!

Apr 25, 2012 12:47PM

@ Jeff Sager (FroDaddy3272)


I think you fail to realize that while women and men are, and should be treated as equals, men and women and essentially different. We women are wired differently and respond differently to situations than u (a man) would. Women by nature are emotional beings, this doesnt means we are weak and need to be coddled. It just mean that we would appreciate if you men were a little more understanding and sensitive at times. Thats all.


I'm sure if you ascribed to some of the advice in this article perhaps your ex wife would have still be your current wife. Yes, maybe she was self centered however, maybe she just felt she lacked appreciation and control since it seems like she had neither from that comment she supposedly made to you.

Apr 25, 2012 1:23PM
articles like this  are just put up on msn to draw comments for entertainment purposes.  The actual article does not have real merrit  to it.  Yes it is from a womens point of view  and thats fine  all are good points but most of us intellegent people realize that the points can  be valid in either role    It seems msn does this so people can fall into mild rage  and post such negitive comments   while others luv to read  the fight  that follows    It plays out like a lousy tv drama.........
Apr 25, 2012 7:08AM
This is nice, but old news and overstated!  What about telling women what they should do to keep their guys.  The article makes it seem like men are just the reactionary force to a woman's desires and needs, but it's a two way street and none of these articles ever focuses on what both men and women should do.  It's always just what they guys should do!
Apr 25, 2012 7:18AM
What a crock of **** this article is. Cassie, this article is a bunch of fluff, one sided at best and reflects a list of expectations that are actually killing relationships these days. There must be something better to write about?
Apr 25, 2012 12:16PM
Gee Frodaddy3272 all the equality you claim to have just flew out the window with your Neanderthal commentary.  The only chip discernible is the one that your ex-wife seems to have deposited on your shoulder.  Not all women subscribe to the my way or the highway theory or relationship navigation.
Apr 25, 2012 4:10PM

If you scroll quickly the words appear under the last picture.  I was reading "Befriend her best Friend" with the image accompaning Seduce Her.  I was thinking this can't be right...

Jul 30, 2012 12:17PM
All I can say is if she moves in and start throwing her stuff all over the room and making a mess, my last reaction would be, "well at least she keeps me organzied" thats ridiculous. We should write one for women that says, "And remember ladies, when he gets drunk at your family reunions you shouldn't get mad, isn't it more important that this allows you to practice your negotioation skills in getting out of tricky situations". IF shes a slob, I'm going to tell her to clean up her s**t or its over. Women don't need to stand for men who are slobs, why would we have to tolerate it?
Apr 25, 2012 9:22AM
Please.  Another "The man's to blame" article.  Sorry ladies, but you picked him...The real problem is that too many of you love him the way he is while dating, but know that you can change him later..Guess what?? you can't /won't/never will!  Same with the example of the lady being a slob and the man being a neat freak, it ain't gonna change girlfriend, and he ain't either..
Apr 25, 2012 12:52PM

To all the men in general on here who are complaining about whiny women.


Maybe if you guys understood women a little better you wouldnt have the women in you life whining or b****ing all the time. A smart, mature man who understands the nature of women never has these kind of issues you all are claiming to have, unless the girl is nuts and has problems in that case he dumps her. But not all women are nuts, it just that you all don't know how to relate to them or how to react to them at the end of the day.


And for the record there are TONS and TONS of articles directed towards women on how to make her man happy. This particular article is from MEN'S HEALTH magazine hence it is directed towards...guess what....MEN...lmao!


and you all are supposed to be the more "logical" gender...coulda fooled me!

Apr 25, 2012 12:00PM

Typical. Alll the things a man needs to do to keep her happy. As long as she feels like everything is done to keep her fragile, princess like ego in check, then we the men can find some peace and happiness. As long as she doesn't think that we're happy and at peace, everything will be just fine.


The most famous quote from my ex wife, "If everyone would just listen to me and do what I tell them, they wouldn't have so many problems"


Okay women. We get it. Men kept you down for many, many years. Try taking the chip off your shoulder and look around. You have equality now.


A relationship requires comprimise, not the man giving in EVERY TIME to keep you happy. You're not better than your neighbour. You're not better than your sister. That glass of wine doesn't make you sophisticated and elegant. If you had to "have words" with half the people at work, it's not them. It's you.


You're not a princess. You're not desired by every man on the planet.


No matter how good you look, someone somewhere is tired of your ****!

Apr 25, 2012 10:28AM

I see nothing wrong with this article...other than the fact that it is from the point of u from the women directed towards men. Other than that it is pure logic. We already know this-Keep the relationship fresh, be treated as equals, accept ur partner for who they are, if things aren't good outshide the bedroom, they won't be good inside the bedroom. No ****! If u feel like ur man doesn't appreciate anything u do, u feel stressed all the time, and are miserable with every aspect of ur life....who is gonna be excited and want to have sex all the time...really.


But accepting someone for who they are is one thing as far as the person inside, their personality. But just so everyone knows, believe it or not...ppl DO change. Not in the sense that they are forced to be someone they are not, but ppl are changing all the time. As u get older u change, ur into different things, the things u did before u may not want to do anymore. Ur faults may change. As ppl grow and mature, we are changing all the time. It's called "evolving".


Also sometimes while u are dating a man is one way, then gets comfy and is different as time goes on, so  saying "sorry ladies, but you picked him" is not always accurate, bc thechnically they may not have "picked that". Also sometimes things change, like bad habbits or faults that u have when u are young and dating someone and then u have a family...sometimes u need to grow up because there is more than u to think about now, there are kids involved. We are intelligent human beings (well most of us), we have he ability to mature, change and adapt.

Sep 9, 2012 9:45PM

Guys don't forget, women do have an advantage up tp a certain age, mainly.


Take me for instance, when we married we were equal, but in the next 5 yrs she turned into a real beauty throughout her 20's while i basicly remained the same.


Her 5yr affair with the engineer at work was the end of us, the meetings in the motel or his apartment lasting 4hrs at a time, the showers they took together, the presents they exchanged.


He was evened married in the 5th yr of the affair for 7 mo. until i called his High-School Teacher wife, who dumped him immediatedly, then there's the 300 people at the company who were about to find out.


And you know, just because i'm a passive person, "She knew where the Doors were"

Apr 25, 2012 11:26PM
No, it's an article written by a woman telling men how to keep women happy. And this does not represent "equality", it suggests that as a man you are responsible for that. Well guess what sweetheart, it is not our jobs to "keep you happy",(or your best friend, your mother,your pet chihuahua, or anyone else);  it is everyone's own responsibility to keep her or himself happy. If you want love & respect, show it, don't demand it. By the way I happen to find that most women I meet actually get that, so an article like this only serves to try to create a problem where there isn't one. Way to go.    
Apr 25, 2012 4:14PM
What a joke....get back in the real world....I don't know ANY couples that are like this. Sounds like a rom-com plot. Listen to her?? If I do, I don't understand her properly or I can't interupt!! If I have more than 2 beers I'm an alcoholic.....this might suit Ken and Barbie
Apr 25, 2012 11:01PM

**** this, the only reason why everyone thinks men and women are so different is because ladies are getting carried away with the whole "sexist" thing that they have become sexist themselves, and men are just sick of it (or grew up not known any better witch if it were me in that situation I'd say bye), and this is from another women's point of view, I am so sick of seeing women make their men do house hold chores AND work while all you have to do is stay at home, GO FIND A JOB AS WELL AND BE EQUAL, how do you think homosexual relationships work? two men or two women together work things out just as a woman and a man should. respect is a two way street in a relationship and so are responsibilities, women aren't to be worshiped or stepped on and neither are men, we all stand together. And ladies, if you're sick of the sexist jokes like "get in the kitchen" why don't you grow some tits and get back at them with a comment of your own and find the humor in life, don't take everything so seriously or find someone as serious as you, and don't expect me to give you a comeback because that would just make it too easy for you and creativity is built-up not given to you.

And if anyone hasn't noticed, the top of the page says "Men's Health" in red was intended for the male's side of a heterosexual relationship, that's why the article isn't directed to women, women read this **** all the time in those stupid magazines they complain about all the time (which I find are the worst source of information unless if you're trying new things in the sac)
Apr 25, 2012 7:26PM
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