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Updated: April 4, 2012 10:44 AM | By Josey Miller
10 Reasons Why Women Cheat

For the Thrill of It

For the Thrill of It (© Getty Images)
  • Men Aren't The Only Ones Straying (© Getty Images)
  • They Seek Revenge (© Getty Images)
  • For the Thrill of It (© Getty Images)
  • For the Ego Boost (© Getty Images)
  • To Find a Love Connection (© Getty Images)
  • They Want to Get Caught (© Getty Images)
  • They're Bored With Their Sex Life (© Getty Images)
  • They Feel Lonely (© Getty Images)
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“An affair is a stress-busting, thrill-seeking, self-medicating high,” says Weil. And, while a woman may cheat to see if she can get away with it, she often doesn’t really want to get caught, says Bowman: “She just wants the bird in her hand and the one in the bush - and she’s deluded into thinking that she really can have both.” But this reason is perhaps less common than others, says infidelity expert Ruth Houston, founder of InfidelityAdvice.com. “[A woman] will usually try to let her husband know that there is a problem first,” she explains. “If he fails to address them, ignores her, or takes her complaint lightly, she may then cheat because feels she has no other choice."

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Apr 9, 2012 8:40AM

This is such a joke.... and i'm not laughing

One thing on here really cracks me up. Under the "They Seek Revenge" part. The 'doctor' says that  “Men are not emotional so they usually can't feel the same pain unless it is done back to them.” That's a crock if i've ever heard it in my life.

Men ARE emotional, we just have totally different emotions then women do, that's all. And, i've never cheated on a woman before, but i've been cheated on, so don't give me that.

There is NEVER a reason or excuse to cheat. If you are unhappy, just simply leave. Breaking a relationship hurts WAY less then being cheated on.

Apr 9, 2012 3:12AM
RE: Vselen

The women feels emotionally unloved yet they'll go and cheat physically and it's ok (but Guys are Dogs for doing so).  Sure, that makes sense.  

Ok, so if you want to BLAME the GUY for the women cheating because the Guy isn't providing the women's needs of  "connection", "appreciation", then you CANNOT blame the GUY for cheating if his Woman gains weight and let's herself go.  

Apr 9, 2012 7:40AM
Cheating is cheating No matter how you look at it,no matter how many ways you want to say it wasnt or how many excuses you have had to "cheat". It hurts and it can cut deep.Some people do regreat cheating but it doesnt change the fact its been done and it then it comes down to other issues. Woman are not all that innocent from Men. We have our reasons but they do too! In the end like I said cheating is cheating and it ruins someones life (for a time)
Apr 9, 2012 2:07PM

God, this is such a biased article if I ever heard one. So basically what the author is saying that the main reason why women are unfaithful is because it's the fault of the guys. Utter crap all over.

While I do agree that we as men have our flaws, so do the women and it's time to stop using the blame game as a justification for the crap that is pulled when someone cheats. The fact of the matter is that reason why women will cheat for the most part is because they can be as selfish and lowdown as men are and nothing else. It's time for both sexes to stop passing blame for their own actions and own up to them.

Apr 9, 2012 5:17AM

What an awe inspiring article about human sexuality written by a TRAVEL WRITER.  Definitely Pulitzer prize winning.  Imagine gathering together facts known for more than forty years and astounding the world with such originality.


Congratulations MSN for another pathetic article that could be written by drunken teenagers everywhere.

Apr 9, 2012 9:59AM
This definatly sounds like it is coming from a femminist with a very biased position. It just screams, "Women are not responsable for their own actions! They are VICTIMS!" Most of the reasons in this article said that women cheat because it's the man's fault. That he "drove" her to do it. Are women really that week and controlable? Can women not think and react with their brains and not their p---y's? Poor fragile little beings. This article actually is a kick in the valva for women everywhere, because it sugests that women can not go a day without the validation of men or being able to feel worthy unless it is a man making her feel good about her self. It makes a woman sound more like a child than a grown, emotionally mature and well grounded individual. (Boo hoo my husband forgot to tell me I'm sexy today, so I have to go spread my legs for another man to feel important). Chalk up yet another situation that femminists have disgraced women instead of empowered them.
Apr 9, 2012 3:56PM
“Men are not emotional so they usually can't feel the same pain unless it is done back to them,” says Bonnie Weil, Ph.D.
You're ****ng, right? Men are not emotional? I suppose we should listen to this moron because she has a Ph.D. and is a published author, right? Give me a break.

And why is the word k!dd!ing censored?
This site is terrible.
Apr 9, 2012 2:00PM

O.k....why get married if you believe you cannot be faithful?. I got married at the age twenty,all my pals said "wait a minute,you are to young wait until you are at least thirty".Well it sure has not been easy but as of today it has been 18 years since the day i said "I do".

Things got bad sometimes,but running out and cheating would just make things so much worse and complicated......

Things do get better....i feel now more in love and into my wife then ever ,with all the life experiences we went through together: life,death ups and downs of life itself. she has always been their when i needed her most.

So you have to give it time,put everything into it,make it your big and best investment in life.

As years roll on you will see what i mean........it is the most amazing thing you will ever experience.

Think twice......how would you feel if they did it to you? It must be the worst feeling in the world....

Apr 9, 2012 8:56PM

Hey everyone, there is no good reason to cheat, to start off with. 


If you feel neglected, unfulfilled or unhappy in your relationship (and for some reason, you didn't notice anything wrong before getting engaged!...):

1) talk to your partner about it;

2) if it doesn't work, put an end to the relationship;

3) then, and only then, seek out for a new date.


It's not that complicated; have some decency.   It is a shame that there are so many cheaters - women and men - around. 


[P.S. To those who are concerned.  I know that faithful people do exist; even though it seems there are so few of us.]


Call me Zoidberg


Apr 9, 2012 12:11PM
WOW! 2nd Article i"ve read through MSN about blaming the man for the female prowlness.. So lets get this straight. Whenever a man cheats is because he is a liar, a Pig,an egotistical,self centered chauvinistic dog, a drunk, stress free, and he has an overweight wife and lets not forget, emotionally detached from our partners,(like we are African lions that just raped and pillaged a female wilder beast before eating it). And all we have to do now according to MSN and Bonnie Weil  is to get our wives and girlfriend  or both of them to bathe us before the sun goes down so we can fill any void in their spare time so they don't feel neglected.

But when a women steps out for a C#CK sandwich, its because the alpha male never told her that she looked pretty that day so she had to find a way to compliment herself and feel younger by letting another cheating man whore play jackhammer on her ass!  We also don't cuddle, she felt emptiness/lonely and or vulnerable, did it for revenge or self-esteem (good one Bonnie!) , needed to self medicate and or a  way to relieve stress, oh and lets not forget, we didn't give her a 30sec kiss that day.


P.s Although there are many reasons why people cheat male or female, someone tell Mrs. PH.D there is no justification for cheating whether you have an innie or an outtie.

Apr 9, 2012 5:13PM
While the article is thought provoking I take issue with the male stereotype in regards to men not being emotional. Both men and women are emotional beings, the problem with some men is that a lot of them have been socialized not to express their emotions for fear of being labelled weak.
Apr 9, 2012 9:17AM
Sounds like this might be comming from a femminist  of sorts.  11 reasons on the fringe of justifying  cheating  on a husband .  Many of the points made would have never been accepted  had the husband done the cheating .  It seems the only reasons ever given for  a husband to cheat are power, control , and greed for more physical sex.  It would be nice if MSN could present more objective  articals than this.  Sounds to me  that MSN has posted this more to gain reactions than anything else.  (may have to change my homepage for a little while)
Apr 9, 2012 3:08PM

If you read the language used it certainly does imply what many men are complaining about here, 'closeenough'. I guarantee if I wrote this same article and replaced everything relating to sex to the opposite, it would be hell fire. You need to read this more objectively, it clearly puts blame on men for not being what they 'should be', instead of FOCUSING on the infidelity and as you imply women’s feelings of insecurity. Look at the title: 10 reason why women cheat: could you be at risk for infidelity? This implies that if you are doing/not doing these things, you could be cheated on. Not in one sentence does it talk about how inappropriate the woman’s behaviour is regardless of her feelings. That is biased.  


Apr 9, 2012 11:44AM
I think this article is complete BS in the sense that it defends women cheating like it's an "excuse" to cheat on a man; however, men just do it.... Women want to have sex with men they are attracted to PERIOD. It's human nature. Cut the crap and own it women.
Apr 9, 2012 5:26PM
this is ridiculous. women run all of the western world lol i swear. this **** was written by feminists or something haha. women cheat cuz they're slutty and makes excuses for themselves in their head that seem to make sense for them, in an attempt to justify the guilt. men cheat cuz they get too horny, in the heat of the moment (it might just be too easy) or if they realize they don't have a quality girl and don't really care if anything happened to their current relationship. chicks are always asking where are all the good guys. they're there, its just that most of the chicks are too loose to realize it, or that they may have a good guy already. its what makes the difference between a quality girl and just ur average club whore.
Apr 9, 2012 11:10AM
Kat that's a lie that's the kinda **** women feed their minds to ease their guilt. To say men don't think of sex as anything else then something to do is a crock, they cheat for the same reasons women do. Not every man is a whore. and not every women is a **** your over simplification of the situation shows your ignorance of the matters.  Bias as all hell in favor of women . I've seen the same thing you'd expect from a man in a women more then once. If you know the relationship is done why the would you conceal something like that? 

I have a friend who's been in a relationship with a guy who makes her unhappy sexually for going on 6 years now she cheats on him all the time feels guilty but doesn't want to loose what she has. Some people are just greedy if you don't believe me go check out the article of ten ways to tell if your lover is cheating on you you will get a few shiny examples of fact.

You know  the truth as opposed to your opinion suggests the door swings both ways.

Apr 9, 2012 11:45AM

It is interesting that there is a continual reminder and a conclusion that it is the responsibility of husbands to keep their wives from cheating.


Was that intended?

Apr 9, 2012 6:51AM

Anyone who cheats is cheating themselves and has little self-regard.  Recognize Betrayal as s a gift and allow yourself to examine your own motives for chosing an "unavailable" partner who is not strong enough for the level of intimacy and commitment required in a healthy relationship. Ask yourself why a "temporary fix" is worth all of your heart and soul?  I would rather stay out of relationships than settle for the cheap version of marriage that I got out of three years ago.  He was addicted to pornography and other on-line boobies.  No man that would be mine for keeps would let himself become a technological puppet!


Apr 9, 2012 10:32AM
  I don't trust the statistics because how many people are going to be truly honest about infidelity on an survey, more people cheat then we'd like to admit and more people would cheat given chance. There's a lot of factors contributing to  if a a person is going cheat on a loved one sometimes it's just about fulfilling needs, or the need for new sexual experiences their current partner isn't comfortable with. There's a million reasons to cheat but it wont justify the action, writing an article on why it happens and placing majority of the blame on others for not treating you with enough respect seems like it's written by someone who is trying not to feel guilty for their own mistakes.

I find the leading cause of cheating is the fact that most people are trying to make themselves happy and  to some people that means juggling **** on the side at the expense of those looking for that certain romance . You don't need 11 reasons it's OK to lie for self indulgence because the means doesn't justify the end. 

Anyways if you're in a relationship that's broken sometimes it's best to abandon it before it consumes you, love is blinding and sometimes it leads you believe you're happy even when all the signs suggest otherwise .

Apr 9, 2012 5:05PM

Women could cheat for a number of things....... female midlife crisis is a major one.

with movies & TV endorsing that behaviour and they find themselves getting older, hey wondwer if they are still attractive. so they getback in shape, hide the grey and flirt. what starts off maybe as harmless might escalate to cheating.

90% loyalty is still 100% DISLOYALTY.

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