10 Surprising Things Men Look For in a Wife

When #whoeverImarry starting trending on Twitter, we expected to read a lot of tweets from women sharing their laundry lists for a future husband. And we did. But we also noticed a hell of a lot of dudes sharing their thoughts on what makes a woman wifey material.

We rounded up the ones that jumped out at us—either because they were sweet, ridiculous, or just prime examples of male dumbassery—and put them below.

Whoever I marry...

"...gotta have some big boobs and can't where panties. So if that ain't you sorry. You're not eligable." —@JuiCyIsMyBOSS (We're guessing bad spelling isn't a dealbreaker for him, though.)

Also see:

"...gotta be able to sit back watch ESPN, Good Times, Martin, Wayans Bros on a daily with me" —@PRESiDENTEel

"...will be my lover AND my bestfriend :) it won't be a perfect relationship, but at least it'll be REAL" —@iRespectFemales

"...has to have all her teeth" —@ItsMePancho

"...must have a college degree" —@JuztsayiN

"...has to have big boobies and wear makeup" —@beejsarmiento

"...better be a big freak. [k]now how spin around n keep the d*** still inside. —@HardBodyDavis

"...need[s] to be on my side 100% supporting me as much i support her and help me with my career decisions as i do for her" —@mikey_free

"...will be my biggest fan and i will be there biggest fan too" —@Luke1luk

"...better not try put the plate in the sink with food still in it .. like how could u be so dutty? Just scrape it out" —@AshaunOConnor

And here are of a few of our favorite tweets from you ladies...

Whoever I marry...

"...can not shave/wax his chest, arms or arm pits. That having been said, if necessary he must shave/wax his back." —@BrandiBelle73

"...must understand that if justin bieber HAPPENED to show up one day I cannot be held responsible for my actions" —@emmaaa_louise

"...needs to be able to cope with my weridness & my love for #harrypotter" —@kimberleyxo1D

"...only wear flat-front pants. I will not tolerate pleats." —@elliekrupnick

"...better be able to handle my crazy without ever calling me crazy." —@catewhite

Alright, your turn. Finish the sentence, "Whoever I marry..." below.

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