25 Surprising Things That Turn Men On

The problem with men's secret turn-ons is that they're, well, secret. Luckily, thousands and thousands of real dudes took to Twitter to reveal the one thing that grabs their attention – and keeps it. We rounded up the best 25, some of which gave us a sexy peek into the male mind, while others just left us shaking our heads or cracking up.

1. lady in the street, freak in the bedroom. —@MrBanksOmishore

2. That "early in the morning" or "tired at night" phone voice. —@KydDaze

3. girls who swim. —@yemmi1234

Also see:

4. she know how walk in her heels. —@ThaJanster

5. a babe with ambition. —@Kennagq

6. a WOMEN whos 70% angel and 30% devil. —@Dimperachi

7. Woman with a strong sense of self esteem and Confidence. —@bb_brooks


9. rich girls. i want a sugar mama. —@GidiGuy

10. if you can spin around while you riding it. —@Nogood_W4rd

11. doesn't need make-up and keeps it simple. —@JayFucknHarris

12. a chick that will play the ps3 with me. —@leonta28

13. if you smell nice. —@bradparamore

14. Walks around in my T-shirt. —@ThatDudeMcfly

15. She bites ya bottom lip during kissing. —@MeloMakeHerMoan

16. Chick fresh out the shower wit a towel on. —@Cscary804

17. Good Credit. —@PoloMaskot

18. toes.... well cute toes. —@ManigaultMusic

19. a girl who's independent&always remembers I'm not her daddy. —@elbama

20. A girl in a hoodie and sweats just chillin. . .idk what it is. —@MoveLikeZay

21. Women who wear boy shorts all the time. —@Jrel_24NGM

22. a girl who plays video games —@slimtmusic

23. when a female bites her lip while looking into ur eyes. —@MC__3

24. Shower sex. —@McobbsMUHAWKS

25. when a girl knows my past but judges me off of who I am now. —@4LoQoJones

What's your secret turn-on?

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