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By Hallie Goodman

Cheesy romantic gestures we (secretly) love

From the cliche to the downright weird, real women share the quirky ways their men make them swoon

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“Sometimes, when we’re at home together, he’ll just casually walk past me and whisper, ‘Nothing, nothing, nothing...’ in my ear. Get it? Sweet nothings. Cheesy? Yes. Love it? Also yes.” -- Brenda M.

“I actually love it when my husband busts the old-school move of ordering for me when we’re out at a restaurant -- but only if he's confirmed my choice before doing so!” -- Crystal C.

“Every time I have to take a road trip, he makes me a mixed CD. It might seem dorky, but I love getting it. To me, it’s SO romantic.” -- Ashleigh H.

“I love when he has dinner ready and a bottle of wine waiting on the table for me when I come in the door from work. I'm hot for role reversal, what can I say?” -- Liv C.

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“My guy cleans my car out. The first time he did it, I’ll admit, I was a little creeped out. But now I actually find it romantic.” -- Tracy F.

“Even though we live in NYC where fancy brands rule, my husband always remembers that it's the big, heart-shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates from the drugstore that makes me swoon.” -- Jean P.

“My husband doesn’t do traditionally romantic things -- but, he does do stupid things really well. He likes to sing me little songs all the time. Such as, ‘Debbie, you are my wife, and you’re so pretty, and I love you...because you’re the best.’ Granted, he sings a very similar song to our overweight cat, but I’m still charmed.” -- Deborah L.

“I secretly love when my guy gives me one of those horrid, oversize, battery-operated cards that sings.” -- Courtney M.


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