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He Said, She Said: 10 Dating Red Flags You’ve Probably Never Considered

Dating Red Flag: Having an Abnormal Amount of Pink Possessions

Dating Red Flag: Having an Abnormal Amount of Pink Possessions
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Apr 25, 2012 2:22PM

Wow. The guy who wrote this article is a total d*** and probably too lonely that he doesn't have any real gfs

Apr 25, 2012 10:34AM
wow. that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard.
Apr 25, 2012 3:59PM

On bangs; that's absurd.

Who knew a hairstyle could stir up such a position. Intellectuals, really?

How about face shape, you morons, and other such considerations --

I wear bangs -- and so do many women, like Reba, to mention only one -- because my forehead is too high and I basically have little choice -- that is the style that suits me best, end of story, short of plastic surgery to bring down my hairline. 

I didn't realize I was sending out a message about my I.Q. and personality, and am considered to have a 'screw loose' to boot! Over time I've tried everything else, but the bangs are just the best style for me.

Too bad if you don't like it -- you're missing out.

Try this: personally, I don't like very long hair on men -- at some level, I think they're trying to be girls.

Try that on for irrational size. 



Apr 25, 2012 11:02AM
Pfffft.... other women don't judge on Halloween? What a load of crap. We judge those girls in ****y costumes.

Apr 25, 2012 8:41AM
Darn, hypocrisy meter belongs  with....Vampy Halloween costume..he he
Apr 25, 2012 8:22AM

Maybe it's just me, but...not at all certain it's the colour, rather, the abnormal quantity of said colour... possibly leading one to think ....non adventurous, insecure and set in the mould? You know how some men and 'black' are? Non?..hmmmm

Now a man who ventures to wear a pink shirt from time to time..a man's man he'll be, and...adventurous!

Please take note: I said a pink 'shirt'.


Apr 25, 2012 4:22PM
When a man is already MARRIED is a big RED flag.
Apr 25, 2012 8:38AM

After all, that would be keeping what you have access to...under wraps.

Giggle...the hypocrisy meter  has run amok!Surprised

Jul 3, 2012 9:32PM
Bahahaha,really!? A girls hairstyle is a red flag for you? bangs would really turn you off that fast? talk about judging before you know someone! I do my hair a certain way to look good,pretty or what ever! if your going to start turning girls down because of how she does her hair,then please,do us all a favor and just keep to yourself. 

Second, who doesn't have matching outfits for some things? like the gym. If you're buying some clothes to work out in,chances are there will be a matching outfit right there. it's just easy to buy it that way. if we want to look good while going to the gym(or any where!) that's our business.

As for Halloween...come on,what guy doesn't love a girl who likes to dress up? ;) am I right? of course I am.

As for cleaning oil away from your mouth after eating pizza...that's just being polite and clean. Would you rather have us walk around with oil and pizza stains all over our clothes/face? Yeah I didn't think so. You don't have to clean up after her,if the little napkins every where really bother you,tell her to clean up after herself. In-fact I'm sure she wouldn't mind helping you clean any mess, we like being helpful! (or I do anyway.)

This guy has NO IDEA what he's talking about.

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