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From, the site that aids and abets cheaters, to, one of many that blacklists them, the business of infidelity has definitely gone high-tech. We asked community to share their stories about what happens when bad behavior gets busted by a BlackBerry (or an iPhone or laptop...).

"It's easier to catch now because stuff on Facebook, texts, and so on doesn't go away easily. My best friend caught her husband cheating based on things she found on his Facebook account and explicit text messages she spotted on his phone." TColeman

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"My boyfriend (at the time) was freaking out about work so he lied and said he was on a business trip instead of just saying he couldn't hang out that week. He made the mistake of going into too much detail and even named the conference he was going to. One very quick online search later, it was clear he wasn't at a meeting in Florida...but, in fact, was right at his work desk down the street." LaurieAmanda

"My really good friend was sure that her boyfriend was still calling his ex, but she couldn't get her grubby paws on his cell phone for proof (I think it goes without saying that this was a really bad relationship). Anyway, she went to The Spy Shop and bought a sound-activated voice recorder that switched on when it heard a noise and planted it in the apartment. The thing worked perfectly, and it recorded her boyfriend's half of the calls he made in the apartment for the next week or so. Of course, it turned out that he was calling his ex (not such a big surprise when you think about it), and my friend heard every word that he'd said." Oversharer

"I think Facebook, email, and texting all make it easier for a false sense of intimacy to develop. But I also think that new technologies make it much, much easier to catch someone. I know a woman who downloaded spyware onto her husband's BlackBerry, so that his text messages were uploaded to a website that she accessed with a password. She was able to determine that the contact he was having with a woman was inappropriate (not work-related like he'd claimed). I've also heard about keystroke loggers and even spyware for phones that will send a text message when the 'target' person calls a specific number. Then you can call the target phone, and you'll be silently patched in to the phone call so you can listen in. Crazy! The bottom line, for me, is that the person has to be trustworthy and have a good character. If they do, none of these things will matter." Sapphireblue

"Seems like, at the very least, more people are told about the cheater's shenanigans after the discovery." ReturnOfKuus

"I caught my then-fiance sexting with two ex girlfriends. It was easy for him to delete the text messages -- he covered his tracks well. It was the naked pictures of the girls that he could not part with as easily. Don't get me wrong, the pictures were well hidden in his BlackBerry, but I dug and dug until I found something. I think technology makes us more aware that infidelity is out there; we're more on edge and looking all the time. What ever happened to the day that you figured out your husband or wife was cheating because they didn't come home at night?" Corsgirl

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