gifts\\"The No-Brainer Guide To Wedding Gift Giving"\\Photo: Paul Johnson Photography / The Knot

1. "A picture frame that was 1"x2"...seriously, what the heck am I going to fit in that?"

2. "A goldfish...don't ask."

3. "A can of sardines."

4. "A miniature ice cream scoop with a creepy figurine handle."

5. "Wedding cake candles..."

Also see:

6. "A scroll with the couple's life story."

7. "A gray plastic rock with a little Celtic symbol on it."

8. "A mini bar of soap. My uncle thought it was white chocolate and took a bite."

9. "A homemade bookmark in memory of someone who had passed away. The thought was nice, but I didn't want to see a stranger's face when I opened my books."

10. "A business card. Seriously."

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