Updated: November 28, 2012 9:43 AM
Proposal Season Is Here! 5 Ways to Get the Ring You Really Want

Make Mr. Right’s search for the perfect ring that much easier. Learn how to drop the right clues to get your ideal ring

Engagement Ring Ideas (© Elizabeth Messina)
  • Engagement Ring Ideas (© Elizabeth Messina)
  • Engagement Ring Ideas (© Antonis Achilleos)
  • Engagement Ring Ideas (© Elizabeth Messina)
  • Blue Engagement Ring Ideas (© Sarah DiCicco Photography)
  • Engagement Ring Ideas (© Alex Cao)
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Show Him a Picture

Who it works for: The bold and brazen. You know exactly what you want, without a doubt.
How to do it: Find clever ways to show him a picture of your favourite setting, cut, and style. A Valentine's Day card works, and a web page left open to your dream ring should definitely get the point across. A subtler way: While perusing magazines, point out pictures of rings you like and casually mention what you like about them. Or give the photos to a close friend and let her decide what to do with them.
Timing tip: Don't show him pictures before he's prepared to buy a ring. If he's not ready to propose, then showing him a photo of the exact ring may make him super uncomfortable and reluctant to shop. The picture route works best if you've made it clear to one another that you plan to get engaged.

-- Anja Winikka

Dec 1, 2012 5:25PM
makes a woman look like a cheap whore who gets what she wants will screw the guy untill she tires of him then she goes for the house too!
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